Take your writing skills to a whole new level.

Why Not Test Your Skills First By Solving The Crossword Puzzle?

1. Plain writing.
2. From the Biblical Garden meaning “delight.”
3. A thought as to a possible course of action.
4. a 7 letter Word starting with S and ending with W, also a bird
Exceptional Online Writing Classes to Develop World-Class Writers

Words always matter. We’ve seen cases of one Twitter misstep ruining people’s reputations for good. Likewise, we’ve witnessed well-written emails being the stepping stone for great accomplishments.  The difference?

  • The story you tell
  • Your choice of words
  • The tone you use

Writing the right way requires you to master the key facets of writing, ranging from research to outlining development, editing, correcting, uniqueness, and many more. At Bremen Consolidate, we are your partner in growth. We eat, sleep, dream, and live-writing, and we are ready to help you imbibe that culture.

You are in the driver’s seat. Make your dreams of becoming an outstanding writer come true by joining thousands of aspiring writers worldwide. Let’s craft a unique learning experience for you, walking you through indispensable tips and actionable ideas for the best writing practices.

Ready to Get Hold of Your Writing Skills?

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What to Expect

We will improve your writing skills in Four simple but effective steps


Limitless Online Classes

Each of our modules has an introduction as well as step-by-step lessons to help you hone your skills. The modules involve live interactions with our tutors, who will put you through both general and departmental courses. What’s more, you have lifetime access to the recorded classes in case you miss a class. This way, you can always refer back to the lessons and absorb them at any time.

Assignments & Feedback

After each lesson, our tutors will examine your progress with assessment tests and assignments. Our professional editors will review these assignments, and you will get valuable feedback from them.

Real Outcomes with Certifications

Notice marked improvements in your writing after the classes with BCWA certifications. You are entitled to two certificates after this program; a great addition to your CV, we must say.


After getting your certificate, you can enter a voluntary mentorship agreement with experience writers within the academy. This is a great opportunity to build on what you learned in the classes.

What You Will Learn

Here’s how we will help you take charge of your writing skills.

Content Writing

Content is king, and we are kingmakers at BCWA. Our experienced content writers will teach you how to paint pictures with words. You will learn everything you need to write killer content for website pages, blogs, ebooks, guides, social media platforms, and many more.

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Creative Writing

Let’s help you expand your horizons with in-depth lessons about creative writing. These classes will give you effective creative writing tools and techniques, helping you choose your words artistically.

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Technical Writing

Get familiar with the technical writing process, including the various types, requirements, and purposes. Our expert instructors will help you understand the rules governing this type of writing with effective audience-centered communication.

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Why Learn With Us?

A perfect combination of expertise and experience;
nothing beats that! This is your chance to learn from and work with writers who have been there and done it exceptionally


Learn What You Want at Your Pace

Delve into the writing niche that you’ve always wanted to try and master specific skills. The lessons are designed to meet your learning goals and tailor the creative experience to your unique needs.

Become Your Creative Best

Our experts are ready to push you to the limit – whether you’re getting better at basics or finessing your ambitious project. Let’s bring out your creative juices and help you be the best you can be.

Build Lifelong Connections

Writing isn’t solitary at BCWA. Get support from experienced professional tutors and writers. You can also create connections with other students with whom you can exchange ideas.

Looking For Something Else? Hire Us!

At Bremen Consolidate, we boast an extensive list of writers who understand the inside-out of the writing industry. You can hire us for services including:

Technical Writing

Our team of technical writers consists of highly educated writers who have experience on a wide variety of topics. Our concise and quality technical writing services will help you create an effective marking strategy that will drive traffic to your business.

Social Media Content Writing

At Bremen Consolidate, we understand the importance of quality social media content to your brand's success. Our social media writing services will help your business boost its online presence with high-quality, engaging content. We create a voice for your brand, keep your followers engaged, and we do this consistently.

Ebook Writing

Don’t worry about missing a class; you can always return to missed lessons. You have a full year of access to the courses, and you learn at your convenience!

Professional CV & Resume Writing

A strong CV and resume are essential for getting your next big job. We will customize your CV and resume to showcase your specific qualifications, achievements, and unique skills. Let Bremen Consolidate put you one step ahead with an expertly written CV and Resume.

Review Writing

Our writers have the experience and expertise to complete review writing projects on various products and services to meet the goals of your business.

Product Descriptions Writing

We are ready to provide product description writing services that will make a difference. We boast of professional writers who will write product descriptions that appeal to the imagination of your target audience. We give your audience a reason to buy your product and the benefits they can get from the product.