Creative Writing

Sketch With Words and Bring Them to Live in the Most Creative Way

It’s time to expand your horizons and learn about creative writing tools, techniques, and topics. Whether you’re a beginner or you’re looking to develop your skills further, you are in the right place. 

Creative writers are excellent commanders of the English language, with proficiency in communication and a wide variety of disciplines. Here’s a chance to master your unique creative writing voice!

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What Will You Learn?

Our lessons are packed with actionable tactics, practical guidance, and assignments to take you from the basics to writing publication-ready works. They will cover various creative writing aspects, including:


Hit the screens by crafting scripts for youtube videos, television shows, video games, and many more. Remember, you are trying to appeal to a non-reading audience. Only our tutors can teach you to use your writing skills on various artistic media in the most effective ways possible.

Memoirs and Personal Essays

Our tutors will guide you through this aspect of creative non-fictional writing, helping you develop personal stories (or accounts) of specific experiences. You will learn how to write personal, persuasive, and descriptive essays.

Literary Journalism

Learn how to report on people, events, and facts objectively. We will teach you the hidden skills of infusing your journalism writing with opinion and storytelling to make your piece more convincing and compelling.

Biographies and Autobiographies

Storytelling is an essential aspect of creative writing, and we will teach you how to do this efficiently. Be it your story or someone else’s, you will learn how to collect facts and bring them to life properly.

Keynote Speeches

Whether informative, persuasive, or inspirational, learn how to get an interesting career opportunity in script writing. Our tutors will teach you to write top-notch speeches for almost any industry.

Advertising and Marketing

The most effective means of convincing an audience is to do it creatively. From writing taglines and catchphrases to designing ads, we will teach you how to explore your creative skills for digital marketing. You will learn how to design posts for social media, informing your audience about the features and benefits of products and services.

At the end of our creative writing class, you will learn:

  • A creative approach to research and turning events into plots
  • How to find your unique writing voice
  • How to develop, perfect, and share original ideas
  • Creative writing techniques, literary tools, and other specialized skills
  • Where to find publishing opportunities and create a creative writing portfolio
  • Observation, editing, peer-reviewing

Wondering how powerful writings come to be? We are here to show you the secret!