Hello, my name is

Elubanji Obajimi Hezekiah

Product Designer and Creative Catalyst


Elubanji Obajimi is a seasoned freelance writer and editor. At the infancy of his professional writing career, his primary niche was medical blog articles and research papers. Particularly, he has written about 100 articles about the coronavirus pandemic and related issues. Obajimi is also an expert on adrenal fatigue, writing for an America-based health company.

Not long after, he diversified into other content writing niches, particularly casino, finance, and marketing. Obajimi has written extensively on online casinos and the slots they offer. He diversified even further, venturing into editing and proofreading. This move was prompted by his knack for spotting grammatical errors, flow and readability issues, and his mastery of SEO optimization and SERP rankings. He has edited five novels and hundreds of blog articles.

Obajimi’s versatility, creativity, and raw writing prowess have won over many clients and employees. Since he started writing professionally, he has worked for many companies and clients on more than 2000 projects. 

Currently, he is a full-time blog writer for alcoholic websites, Upthirst and Beverage Beaver. Additionally, Obajimi is assisting the development of the online Nigerian branch of Afombo, an African reviews company. Further, Obajimi is an expert on adrenal fatigue writing, and he ghost-writes for an America-based health company. 

Moreover, Obajimi has organized and taught multiple freelance writing courses over the last two years. Aside from his freelancing career, Obajimi is building a pharmacy career and is in the last lap of his university education.

Work Experience:

Obajimi has worked as a freelance writer for the following brands:

  • Upthirst
  • Beverage Beaver
  • Rapid Direct
  • Afombo Reviews
  • Way Ken
  • Dropify
  • Octopus CRM


Contact Information:

Mobile: 0903 540 4765

Email: obajimihod@gmail.com | Obajimi@bremenconsolidate.com 

LinkedIn: Obajimi (Hezekiah) Elubanji

Specialization: Content Writing