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Frequently Asked Questions

This writing course is for anybody looking for a career path or a skill to learn for the future. If you are interested in learning how to write the right way, this course is for you!

No, we will start the classes with the basics of writing before diving into the specialized areas. So, even if you’ve never tried writing, you will get the value for your money.

Every class will hold on the Zoom platform. So, you will need a mobile device with internet connectivity.

You will need at least 10 hours to complete a week’s lectures and assessments, 2 hours for classes, and 8 hours spread across the week for assignments. Our assignments are organized such that you will always have a project to work on. This way, there will be no gaps or interruptions in your studies.

The course will run for 24 weeks (6 months), split into two 10-week semesters and four weeks of break. The 24 weeks will also cover assessments and examinations. However, the mentorship program can run for as long as both the mentor and learner wish.

All classes are recorded, and you don’t have to worry about missing a class. If you are unable to attend a class for any reason, the recorded class will be uploaded on a Google drive for every student to see. Even if you attend the class and need something to fall back on, the videos are always there for you.

Absolutely! Our classes are interactive, and you can ask the tutors any questions you have in the class. Furthermore, our tutors are open to discussions after the class. If you have questions or inquiries after the class had ended, you can reach out to them via phone call, email, or social media. They are “only one call away.”

Yes, every student will be added to a WhatsApp group where you can share ideas with your colleagues and work on tasks.

Please email us at or reach us at +2348073665915, and we will respond to your issues immediately.

You will need a mobile device with an internet connection, and writing tools, preferably a computer, for typing and editing. The device must be able to connect to the internet and use word processing add-ins. Most importantly, you need the desire to write the right way, typified by an ever-constant desire for improvement and malleability to corrections

No. You can only be in one department at a time. This will ensure effective guidance and maximization of your skills. Every department will conduct comprehensive classes, covering a wide range of niches. So, you can be sure of getting a full dose of what you signed up for. However, you can always come back after a program to expand your knowledge in other parts of writing.

The writing industry presents a huge potential to earn from your writing skills. Several freelancing platforms contain clients who need writers for blogs and website content, academic writing, ebooks, short stories, YouTube scripts, and many more.

Editors and publishers continue to search for fresh ideas, and they will pay good money if you deliver top-quality content. Hence, regardless of your education or background, BCWA will develop your writing skills and teach you how to take advantage of them.

No, we do not sell writings. However, we give you a chance to get your articles published on our website. High-scoring assignments and tests will feature in our Hall of Fame. This allows potential clients to get a glimpse of your skills, and you can start building your portfolio from there.

Assignments are varied, depending on the department you register in. However, they all follow a general principle. You will be given at least one article writing job relevant to the module you studied. We will back it up with detailed feedback on your performance and how to improve it.

All tests will be graded to a score of 50, while examinations will be graded to a score of 100. The minimum score to pass any test or exam is 50%. Any score below 50% will be classified as a “fail.” Any score between 50 and 59% of the total grade marks will be termed “credit,” between 60 and 69% will be termed “upper-credit,” while any score above 70% will be termed “distinction.” Kindly visit our “Policies Page” to learn more.

Yes, you are entitled to two certificates after the program. The first certificate is given after the first semester, certifying you as a full-fledged freelance and professional writer. The second certificate is given at the end of the program, certifying you in the department they have specialized in. However, the criteria for certification is that you must meet the cutoff score after tests and examinations.

If you are looking to gain outstanding writing skills across various industries, then this program is right for you! Our tutors are industry leaders with track records of success in their various fields. You can’t get it better elsewhere! Check the “Our Tutors” page to get more information about them.

Fiyin Ebemidayo, CEO of Bremen Consolidate, is a Top Rated Plus Writer on Upwork with several years of experience. He will be popping in from time to time to give you tips on how to market your skills on various freelancing and social media platforms. You will also learn the rudiments of opening a freelancing accounting and how to optimize it to get clients’ attention.