Hello, my name is

Paul Moronfola

Technical Writer, SEO
Specialist, and Content Creator


Paul Moronfola is an expert content writer, SEO specialist, and content creator. He is an Upwork Top Rated freelancer with over five years of writing and tutoring experience. 

Paul is best known for his work in Rapid Prototyping, Windows OS issues (a Microsoft Talent), Cloud services, and Laser Marking System. His works have been featured on websites such as RapidDirect, 3DPrinterly, IntellegoDesign, WonderShare, HeatSign, 4GBritains, Quora, and MicrosoftDocs.

Paul portrays a unique view of content writing. He believes that a writer should deliver quality yet easy-to-understand content and that such content should answer any related question to the topic. Hence, even though he started as a general content writer, he drifted off to be an expert technical content writer. 

Paul is a skilled editor and proofreader and an expert in SEO optimization and SERP rankings. When he is not writing, you can watch him on TikTok as he rules the Nigerian Call of Duty Mobile space with a Mac-10. He is also building a pharmacy career and is currently in his final year.

Work Experience:

Paul has worked as a freelance writer for the following websites:

  • RapidDirect
  • HeatSign
  • 3DPrinterly
  • V2Cloud
  • Wondershare
  • Quora
  • MicrosoftDocs
  • IntellegoDesign 
  • JoyoShare
  • Tech Central
  • Apomedical Israel
  • AutoZik
  • iAnyShare


Contact Information:

Mobile: +2348144854773

Email: moronfolapaul@yahoo.com I paul@bremenconsolidate.com 

LinkedIn: Paul Moronfola 

Specialization: Technical Writing, GitHub, SEO