A Program Designed With You In Mind



The program will run for 20 weeks. There will be one semester spanning 18 weeks. After completing the eighteen learning weeks, there will be one week to prepare for examinations, which will last for one week. Examinations end on the 20th week, after which learners receive certificates.

The end of the semester signals the end of all teaching and assessments in the program. However, learners will have to wait another two weeks before receiving their certificates. Immediately after certification, writers are free to embark on voluntary mentorship with experienced writers in their preferred field(s).

The mentorship period can run for as long as both the mentor and the learner wish.


There will be two syllabuses for this program – for the introductory courses and the departmental lessons.

The introductory courses are targeted at introducing learners to freelance and professional writing. Learners must grasp the basics of writing before diving into the departmental lessons.

The departmental lessons will train learners on specific writing branches. Learners must take lessons in all the departments and demonstrate a high level of commitment. They must meet all program requirements before being certified.

Teaching Tools

All classes will be done online. Zoom will be the preferred location for both video and audio calls. There will be a WhatsApp group containing learners and their tutors for communication outside of the online classroom. Email and Google Drive files will be used for submissions and other similar activities.



Over the program’s learning weeks, there will be assignments and projects doled to learners by their tutors. These assignments and projects will cover relevant aspects of their lessons. All assignments and projects will contribute 20% to the final grade at the end of the semester.

There will be a total of 4 tests within the semester in the 4th, 8th, 12th, and 16th week. The exact date for the test will be communicated to learners at least one week before the test. The tests will contribute 30% to the final grade.

After learning is completed in the semester, there will be an examination. This examination will carry 40% of the total grade. Examinations start and end in the 20th week.

The results of all assessments will be communicated to learners no later than ten days after they have been done.


Learners are entitled to one certificate after the program. It certifies the learner as a full-fledged freelance and professional writer. Writers who have taken all the lessons and grading exercises are entitled to certificates, provided they meet the required 50% cut-off. Any score below 50% will not be rewarded with a certificate.


After certification, writers can enter a voluntary mentorship agreement with experienced writers from the academy. The academy will not control this mentorship period, and the writer and mentor will incur all liabilities.

The academy provides an opportunity and the connection to work with experienced writers. This will go a long way in sharpening the skills and developing the experience of the newly certified writer.