Program Overview

Bring Your Writing Dream To Reality

Get one-to-one support and professional teachings to take you further in your writing journey.


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What will you learn?

– Write masterfully, elegantly, and professionally on a wide range of topics and niches 

– Articulate and present ideas in clear, concise sentences

– Properly proofread and edit your work, identifying and correcting grammar and punctuation errors

– Write SEO-optimized articles 

– Specialize in a branch of writing

– Use correct grammar and punctuation when writing

Who is this Program for?


Calling – People who are interested in learning something

This is our largest audience. It includes everyone looking for a career path or the best skill to learn for the future. They cut across all demographics with a common understanding of how the internet works! They are optimistic and excited on the hunt for the next best opportunity to upskill themselves.


Chosen – People who are interested in learning writing

These are those who have already decided to write the right way and are just in search of the best place to learn in a structured way! They are Millennials and Gen-Z who know how much of a big deal Writing as a Career (WaaC) is and are ready to jump on the writing train.


Call-Backs – Writers who need to learn how to write the right way

These folks are already in the writing profession but still need to learn how to write the right way!

Program Requirements

1. A device, preferably a computer, for typing and editing. The device must be able to connect to the internet and use word processing add-ins.

2. The desire to write the right way, typified by an ever-constant desire for improvement and malleability to corrections.

3. Decent knowledge of English Language; at least high-school-level English.