Our Roadmap

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BWCA Guideline

Our brand roadmap serves to help create direction for the brand as we move from an idea to a beautiful learning experience point for learners all over the world.

We have three major phases in the year, the Call & Comms Phase, the Cohort phase and the Community Phase

The Call & Comms Phase

This is the phase where we start marketing all efforts towards a cohort. All of the academy’s resources are committed to preparing and publicizing for the next cohort. It’s the Call and Communications Season. This runs for a period of three months (12 Weeks) starting in July and ending in September


The Cohort Phase

This is the active academic period of the academy, two long semesters spanning five and a half months (22 Weeks) + A Two Week End Of Year Break. It starts in October, Q4 and ends in March, Q1 of the next year.

The Community Phase

This phase follows the end of the Cohort Phase, a period of 3 months (12 Weeks) in 2022 dedicated to mentoring and equipping the graduates of the preceding Cohort for their Careers. We also receive and share testimonials and reviews during this period. This is Q2 of the year starting in April and ending in June.

Across all three phases, the BCWA year starts in July 2022 and ends in June 2025.

BCWA 2025. JULY 2022 - JUNE 2025


Q1 (Jan-Mar)

Q2 (Apr-Jun)

Q3 (Jul-Sep)

Q4 (Oct-Dec)



Brand Launch

Call & Comms For

22.23 Cohort

22.23 Cohort Semester One


22.23 Cohort Semester Two

Community For

22.23 Cohort

Call & Comms For

23.24 Cohort

23.24 Cohort Semester One


23.24 Cohort Semester Two

Community For

23.24 Cohort

Call & Comms For

24.25 Cohort

24.25 Cohort Semester One


24.25 Cohort Semester Two

Community For

24.25 Cohort