Hello, my name is

Fiyin Adewale

CEO, Bremen Consolidate

 Freelance Coach and Adviser.


Fiyin Ebemidayo (BREMEN) is a freelance writer, coach, and the owner of Bremen Consolidate, a company that hires freelancers and works remotely across the country. Fiyin has been writing for over 6 years, and he is a Top-rated Plus freelancer on Upwork.  

A pharmacist in training, he is a certified writer. He has thousands of articles published across various niches, such as Health, Animal, Travel and Tourism, Food, Medical, Finance, and SEO-oriented write-ups. He is also a vast and eloquent speaker and has been a writing coach, instructor and facilitator for over 2 years, he has trained over 200 individuals to become proficient writers at Writing Without Walls Academy (W3A).

He has been opportune to host numerous online talk shows, workshops, and discussions on writing and freelancing in Nigeria. He is a leading figure in advocating for improvement and better quality of writers representing Africa across the globe, Nigerians especially. He is currently an administrator of an online community of over 300 enthusiastic freelancer writers in Nigeria.

Work Experience:

Fiyin Ebemidayo (BREMEN) is a proficient writer who has worked with numerous individuals and companies across the globe, including, but not limited to:

  • Tutor at Writing Without Walls Academy (W3A)
  • Lobby Fitness in the USA
  • Quora in Ukraine
  • Migraine Buddy in Singapore
  • Madison Reserve in the USA
  • Nebula Genomics in California
  • Eden Derma in UAE
  • LYFE Medical Wellness in Phuket
  • Authentic Medicine in the USA
  • Chiropractic Neurology in Sarasota
  • Quality Home Air Care
  • Dokeos in Belgium
  • Mobile Medicine in New Jersey
  • Kilo Grupe in Lithuania


Contact Information:

Mobile: +234 80873665915

Email: fiyinebemidayo@gmail.com I bremen@bremenconsolidate.com

Social Media: Rxbremen (Twitter), bre_me_n (IG), 

LinkedIn: Fiyin Ebemidayo 

Specialization: Instructor @BCWA