How the Program Works

From basics to mentorship, we’ll help you discover your hidden beast!

Take general courses

There are six courses you will take to introduce you to writing. These courses aim to cover the basics of writing and serve as the right foundation for specializing in different writing branches.

Take departmental courses

After the introductory courses, learners will take lessons in every one of our departments. There are six departments in this program. There will be a series of lessons for each department to provide writers with the right skills for excelling in that department.

Get assessed

During the lessons, tutors will give assignments and tests to learners. This will give an idea of the effectiveness of the teaching sessions up to that point. Similarly, after completing departmental lessons, there will be a grand assessment of what learners have been taught across the learning period.

Earn a

Those who meet certain specifications will be given a certificate that reflects their mastery in professional writing.

Get mentored

After earning a certificate, writers can choose to be mentored by experienced writers in the field(s) they desire.